Make money from your venue

A Wireless LAN MAN Hotspot can help drive business to your venue and make you additional revenues

Let us do the hardwork, and we'll split the revenue!

Hotspots & Revenue Generation

Wireless LAN MAN can deliver venue owners a fully managed Hotspot in a box solution, including onward maintenance and management facilities. If you own a cafe, public house restaurant or Hotel, your customers will appreciate access to a professionally managed wireless broadband service.  Wireless LAN MAN can supply all the elements required to create a successful and potentially revenue generating service, enhancing the service offerings from your business with the potential to create you with an additional revenue stream.

Not sure whether wireless is for you, or don’t fancy the onward costs, or management issues?  – Contact Wireless LAN MAN to see if your property would be suitable for a FREE Wireless LAN MAN Hotspot.  Wireless LAN MAN will bear the costs of the installation and onward running expenses for a share in the potential revenue your venue may collect. Wireless LAN MAN Hotspot is an established and successful business model, that lets venue owners share in additional revenues with no upfront commitments or onward costs.