Line of Site Analysis

All radio systems work most effectively where a line of site exists between the transmitter and receiver, although modern modulation techniques, can overcome some non-line of sight issues.


When planning point to point networks, or establishing the locations of core egress radio locations in your network, ensuring a good line of sight is essential.  The wireless planning tool provides full Line of Site analysis from the comfort of your desktop PC - saves the cost of climbing buildings and masts. The system is automated to run ray traces between the link start and end points and will determine the most effective antenna locations, samling the roof top or mast location a 1 square meter intervals.Where a line of site does not exist the system will automatically return the shortest route path using other assets in your network detailing relay points and alternate installation locatons.

Buy adding additional details about your installation locations, andassets and by defining the radio types to be used, Point to Point - Mesh etc in your network, the radio planning tool can automate the network design, indicate suitable equipment choice, and will deliver a range of reports including link costs. This electronic service can save hours of ground work and significalntly speed network deployment, and reduce costs.