The CCTV Revolution

Wireless LAN MAN installs and configures a range of wireless digital CCTV solutions for UK Local Authorities.


Wireless CCTV

The use of CCTV to protect our environment and assets has seen a massive increase in demand. Wireless Networks are at the forefront of delivering high quality communications infrastructure suitable for these bandwidth hungry application.

CCTV is undergoing a rebirth from the old analogue and video cassette recorder systems of the past, with many users upgrading or installing digital CCTV systems. The advantages to digital systems are endless, with images being encoded for transportation across IP networks, and storage on modern computer systems. IP networks similar to other digital services such as the Internet and email allow the user to view and retrieve images from any network connected computer. The ability to quickly retrieve archived footage and transfer to a portable media source has speeded up the evidential use of these systems.

Wireless LAN MAN has a vast experience of installing, managing and maintaining wireless CCTV systems for UK Local Authorities. The systems installed have been proven to be reliable, and far more cost effective that traditional analogue alternatives. Typical installation time for full CCTV network is a matter of weeks as opposed to the months of planning, and heavy civil works required to install cabled systems.

Wireless LAN MAN seeks to allay security risks or concerns raised through the use of wireless transportation techniques by only deploying CESG approved radio apparatus for CCTV Networks.

Wireless LAN MAN has sought to demonstrate itself as a serious IPCCTV networks installer & consultant, and is now a Platinum Partner for open sourced IPCCTV networks giant Milestone Systems.

Freedom and Mobility

As everyone knows CCTV cameras tend to act as a deterrent for crime, pushing offenders away from areas where they know CCTV coverage exists. Wireless LAN MAN has designed a range of mobile cameras and supporting radio networks that allow CCTV cameras to be easily moved, relocated and connected within hours. This new mobile policy has allowed Local Authorities to deploy the CCTV deterrent to far wider areas than could normally be considered, and has kept offenders on the move.