Wireless LAN MAN - Wireless Networking

 Wireless LAN MAN designs, installs and maintains a range of wireless networking technologies. Our services and expertise are used by Private Enterprise, Local Government, and Education. We have developed a number of valuable services, from custom designed hardware, to software routines and specialised applications development.

Our networks are used to support a wide range of online connectivity applications, including Hotspots & Hotzones, Leased Line replacements, CCTV and remote monitoring and surveillance systems, as well as traditional corporate and educational wireless networks.

Wireless networks can be designed to offer so much more than just the traditional Wi-Fi access point technology found in the office or at home. Wireless networks can be used to support any number of IP applications, delivering transmission bandwidth from 1KB - 1GB of data throughput, enough to cope with the demands of the hungriest applications, and with affordable onward running costs.

Wireless LAN MAN works with a range of major equipment vendors, and will be able to offer you a network solution tailored to your needs and budget.

Our web site provides a brief insight to the services we provide, for more information or a network consultation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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