Wireless LAN MAN Network Services

Wireless LAN MAN has a wealth of experience in designing and deploying award winning radio neworks. Let us work with you to provide independent, and unbiased advice on the best ways to tackle you project or requirements.


CONSULTANCY - Wireless LAN MAN specialises in providing consultancy to Local Authorites and Government bodies. We understand government procurement processes, from mini competition to european tendering for capital purchases as well as the political pressures applied to long term revenue commitments, and the needs to deliver services that are attested as best value.

SOCIAL INCLUSION - We have worked on multiple social inclusion projects including the conception and design of specialist end user hardware and software and programs designed to provide digital inclusion and access for all.

LANDLORD BROKERAGE - we offer a Land Lord brokerage service, allowing local authority and government landlords to present property portfolios for consideration by national network infrastrucutre partners, for network build and transmission locations. There are still a number of rooftop and property rental opportunites available from exisitng and new national carriers and network providers, don't missout on significant annual rentals for access to you roof tops and building faces as a potential host for radio transmission equipment.

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