Switch on SMS On-Line Portal

For users or owners of multiple Switch on SMS units, the online portal makes the centralised management and control of multiple devices easy, and makes control accessible to a wider group of engineers and users regardless of location.

The online portal allows SOS operators to:

  • Share access to device controls from a centralised portal, and SMS gateway.
  • Create device groups where commonality exisits between deployments.
  • Use Keep alive functions for PAYG SIM cards.
  • Monitor last ten message sent on received from any device.
  • Lock access and control of devices and individual ports through password access priveleges.
  • Provides a central pool of SMS text credits that can be used on any registered SOS device
  • Administrational tools to assign identification to each of the SOS devices power outlets
  • SMS Online Portal can be accessed by subscription, or can be delivered as an appliance for integration into your own network.

For more information or to open an SMS On-Line portal Account please contact us here