All switch on SMS appliances offer the same primary functions of power control through SMS text message or web portal control. Switch on SMS can be delivered in a range of deployment form factors suitable for the most testing conditions.

  • SOS400 our most popular product has been designed for deployment alongside traditional IT infrastructure. The system presents 4 individually controllable IEC outlets for interconnection to IT equipment. Built as a 1U device, and with 19" rack mount expansion brackets, SOS400 will integrate perfectly with standard IT equipment.
  • SOS100 or "Junior" as we have fondly named it, offers a single switchable output, and is designed for internal surface or desktop mounting. Its small profile and impressive 10amp switching capability makes it ideal as the final link between the power source and the onward connected equipment. SOS100 generally sells to a domestic market for users looking to control central heating systems, lighting or for remote access systems.

Hardened Products for Extreme Environments and Military / Government Use.

The capabilities of the SOS systems have been extended to include a new cast aluminium IP67 housing with EMF filtering. The hardened products have been tested for use in the toughest environments, and offer a range of configuration options to allow for direct interconnection to government specified equipment. Switch on SMS helps the Military, Police and Security Services to maintain operational control of remote surveillance and monitoring systems, without compromise.

  • Military Spec MILC connectors provide a familiar interface for direct connection to a range of power supplies and user equipment.
  • 90 - 240 VAC & 9-48 VDC options.
  • Quad Band Modem for world-wide operation.
  • Solar, Turbine, Fuel Cell and Battery Compatible.
  • An integrated antenna and access cover allows access to user configurable parts whistt maintaining IP67 integrity.
  • Please contact us directly for more information about our hardened product range.